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Many thanks for this season!

16 October, 2016

We hope that you’ve enjoyed your stay at Treens Camping in 2016, and that you’ll return in 2017!

We’ll leave you with some pictures from the campsite on a fantastic October day.

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Wooden fired sauna

21 August, 2015

During August 2015, our cabin no.1 has become more complete with a new-built sauna. We can now offer our guests a fantastic experience, where the view in itself is quite amazing!

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New barbecue place

31 July, 2015

During this summer, Johan has prepared a new barbecue place on the camp site. We hope and know that it gives inspiration to many cosy evenings by the fire place – both for social gathering and barbecue. That is very nice!

/Treens Camping



Welcome to a new summer season!

4 May, 2015

On May 1st we opened the gates at Treens Camping and many of you were there – both seasonal guests and temporary guests. We are very glad that you keep coming back!!

This year we have filled as good as all our seasonal spots and we’re looking forward to a good summer with many lazy days in the sun!


News for this year, is that Cabin no.1 is up for short-term renting. We ‘ll get back to you with price information later on.



/The staff at Treens Camping

Winter season of 2014/2015

25 September, 2014

Hi everyone!

Another fantastic summer has ended and winter season begins on October 1st!

Those of you who still has your caravans at the camping site after October 1st will have to pay for winter caravan parking (500 SEK) for Oct 1st 2014 – April 30th 2015. We will also, as usual, read and invoice the electricity usage for this summer. Even if you won’t stay with your caravan during the winter, you will get an invoice regarding the electricity.

We hope that you, just like us, have had a smashing summer! Wish to see you again next year!


Welcome to a new summer season at Treen’s Camping

22 May, 2014

Finally, summer season is here and we wish all of our new and old seasonal guests welcome back to our gem by Lake Treen!

As usual, we hope that this will be a warm and nice summer. Last summer could be hard to beat, but we will make a try, won’t we?

During this spring, we have updated our website and adapted it to modern technology, such as Ipad and smart phone – please try it!

Today, ice cream arrived at the camping reception and this weekend we will fill up the candy and soda storage, so you are more than welcome to come in and say hello and shop!


If you have any questions, Agneta is at the campsite on and off during the day (or on the phone). Jennie is also available by e-mail or phone. You will find more information under Contact.

The camping reception will be open for a few hours every weekend (Fri-Sun). From Midsummer and onwards, we will extend our opening hours since vacation starts.

Winter season is coming up

28 August, 2013

This summer has come to an end – what a summer it has been! We hope that all of you who visited Treens Camping enjoyed your stay here! News for this year, was our discgolf course, which many of you tried. Next year we hope that the rumour about it has spread to even more of you.

The winter season is coming up and by the 30th of September, 2013, we need to know which one of you seasonal guests who would like to keep your caravan at the camping during this upcoming period.

Information regarding this is to be found at the camping area and we would be grateful if it’s spread to all of whom it concerns! All caravans that are still in their spots after the 30th of September will be charged.

Take care and thanks for this summer!

See you soon!




31 July, 2013

Here you can read the article written about Treens Camping and our latest activity – discgolf!

(Arvika Nyheter 17 July 2013)

Discgolf course

29 May, 2013

Last year we thought about developing the campsite in some way. We still wanted to follow our core thought about our guests and visitors being close to the nature.

The result was a discgolf course – just like playing golf, only with a frisbee! It’s a very popular sport that’s growing fast in Sweden, and we would like to follow the trend and at the same time give our visitors and guests a chance to discover the nature around Treens Camping. We hope that the course is ready to play by midsummer!

Here is the course guide!


Regarding electricity invoice

24 May, 2013

There is a few of you who have had your caravans at the campsite during this last winter. We were supposed to invoice you the electricity cost together with the invoice for the seasonal camping, but unfortunately we hadn’t read the electricity meters then. We will therefore charge you the electricity cost from last winter at the end of this summer. We hope you understand this!

Thanks in advance!

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